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Re: *NO FLASH PHOTO's* -- Fripp??????


OK last post for awhile.  I have to agree here.  I pd $80 for me and my GF
to hear him play here in San Antonio.  I arrived on time and Mr.
Frippenormous had started playing an hour before the show was suppossed to
start. Guess that's cool somewhere??? I heard him do this minimal thing for
2 MINUTES, then leave. All I got for $80 was VAI/and the other guy, sigh...
Hey, Robert, if you are listening, I want my money back!!!  Email me for my
address. You owe me!!!

Randy Jones
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>Hey, I've heard so much about Fripp, in fact I went out and bought That
>Passes.  Boooooooooooooooooooo, I'll sell it for $5.00 to anyone and pay
>My feelings on Fripp at the moment are not good, and now he stops when a
>goes off?  What a luxury, play music for a living and have an attitude as
>well.  I know, paparazzi are everywhere right?
>Am I missing something?