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Re: Non-Guitar Looping

Dpcoffin@aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 6/7/97 9:08:44 PM, James wrote:
> <<I'll be getting an 8-channel submixer soon so
> switching between toys will be easier.>>
> I've just seen the DTorn video and got my first glimpse at the mixer
> revelation...anyone know if that mixer he uses is still around, or have 
> suggestions for ideal mixers for looping and maximum fx-routing 
> I've been looking at the Mackie 1604 (all mono) and 3204(?)--with its 
> sends, but no pfl, which seems pretty essential. Love to hear any
> recommendations/advice/thought/etc....Thanks!

Just thoughts, at this juncture:

Just after I got my Vortex last winter, I found an Akai MB76 MIDI patch
bay in a pawn shop for US$50.  Of course, I snatched it up.  Believe it
or not, I haven't even connected it up yet, for a lot of reasons.  But
many of those reasons should be vanquished within the next couple
months.  Then I'll be able to test my thinking, which went something
like this:

The MB76 has seven inputs and six outputs (duh...), all line level.  Two
of each will be assigned to the Vortex.

Fighting for the remaining five inputs are the stereo outputs of two
synthesizers (one triggered by MIDI guitar, the other by MIDI pedal
keyboard), the synthetic stereo output of the guitar preamp, the third
guitar signal from the yet to be btained second preamp (so I can have
both distorted and clean guitar signals, and Vortex either one
independently), and the microphone signal from the 
yet to be obtained mic preamp (for Vortexing vocals, harmonica, yet to
be determined acoustic percussion instruments, etc.).  Oops-- that's
more than five signal sources, isn't it? :-(

The output side plays a role in sorting out the inputs:  Two channels
will feed a Dynaco 35w/channel stereo power amp (the only stereo power
amp I have at the moment), and a third could feed an existing mono
powered mixer.  Dilemma:  The pedal keyboard synthesizer could profit
most from stereo; the guitar-controlled synthesizer, from Vortexing. 
Compounding dilemma:  The pedal keyboard patches almost always include
bass, for which the Dynaco's power capacity is inadequate.  I could
easily configure the patches with bass on one channel and the
higher-frequency layered sounds on the other-- but it's precisely those
layered sounds I want to hear in stereo.


I can dispense with the ersatz stereo from the guitar preamp, but I'm
truly obsessed with the notion of a distorted guitar solo over a clean
guitar loop, and vice versa.  I may have to get my old MXR Stereo Chorus
fixed, just to use as a pre-preamp signal splitter.  I can dispense with
the microphone.  So now I'm down to two guitar signals, four synthesizer
signals, and two Vortex signals fighting for seven inputs.

Well, I can run the pedal keyboard synthesizer directly into the mono
powered mixer, till I can find/afford a stereo power amp for it...

As I said:  Just thoughts, at this juncture-- no conclusions! :-)

John Pollock
http://people.delphi.com/johnpollock (Troubador Tech)