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Re: Non-Guitar Looping

I saw a passac unity8 used at music store in SF bay area for about $125.  I
asked David if he's still using it and here's his reply:

>tho' i've still got that passac, i've been using a mackie 1604 since 
>the time of those vids: sounds real good, it's got faders on channels 
>give me clear visual feedback as to what's what), & i modified it to have 
>pre-fader sends.
>but: i'm still not satisfied! it's too big, has too much that is 
>to me (8 mic-pres, too many chnls, eq, solo switches).
>the passac *is* a good, clean mixer, & best of all: it's small!

In the last Door-X list, he mentioned that he's pitching a mixer idea to
Alesis or Mackie.

At 12:25 am 6/8/97 -0400, you wrote:
>I've just seen the DTorn video and got my first glimpse at the mixer
>revelation...anyone know if that mixer he uses is still around, or have