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Re: Echoplex Description

Victor said:
>Could someone with decent technical knowledge offer a concise and clear
>description of the Echoplex's design, and how it does what it does?

Nobody answered poor Victor's plea for info, so I've finally got around to 

If you had web access, you could check the echoplex hype page on the gibson
site, at:


Since you don't, a quick explanation that I copied from an email I wrote a
long time ago in a job far, far away:


- well designed, performance-oriented user interface
- optional foot controller for the rack unit
- expandable up to 200secs of loop time
- infinite overdub
- very cool reverse loop effects
- "multiply" function to create long loops over multiple reptitions
    of a shorter loop
- Multiple undo's for removing overdubs from a loop
- Up to 9 independant loops available at once
- fully midi controllable
- sync functions for working with external time sources (or generating 

Max delay time is 200 seconds, which can be used in a variety of ways other
than having extremely long loops. (multiple undo's, multiple loops, etc.)
It ships with 12.5 or 50 seconds, which is upgraded with standard 30-pin
simms. Loops can be stored externally with Midi Sample Dump, although it is
pretty slow.

The Echoplex was designed by people who perform live, improvised music, so
obviously ease-of-use was a key issue for us. It was designed to be
performed with. The Echoplex is not a passive box that you ignore while it
does its thing, like a reverb. (although once it has a loop going, you can
pretty much leave it be)  It is really an instrument unto itself, and can
add a wealth of new possibilities to your music. Like a good instrument,
you can get started and have fun with it within minutes. (like learning an
open G chord)  And like a good instrument, it has a lot of depth waiting
for you to explore it. It grows with you.


Is that what you wanted to know?


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