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Re: Oberhiem Matrix-6

Patrick, about Matrix-6:
>I just got a line on one of these for $250. Seems like a fair price and 
>previous user has some very nive sounds on it.

Sounds like a good price. I'm thinking of getting a Matrix-1000, which I
believe is similar but without the on-board editing features. Does the
Matrix-6 have midi? I guess it does but I don't know. I actually know
considerably less about older Oberheim products than you might expect from
someone who designed stuff for them and even knows the fellow who founded
the company. Found myself in some awkward spots while demoing oberheim
stuff at tradeshows..... (You'd think people would know better than to ask
a guy holding a Les Paul obscure questions about OB-8's and Xpanders)

>Does anyone have any experience controlling one of these with a guitar
>synth. Specifically a Roland GR-1 with the GK2-a pickup.

Matrix-1000 actually has a mode for guitar synth, but I have no idea about
the matrix-6. 1000's seem pretty good for it since they respond quickly.

Actually, this brings up an interesting loop topic. Old analog synths
without midi control would seem to be an ideal match for looping. Anybody
doing that sort of thing?


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