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Na Nice Lexicon Story

When we say we can't trust these people.....

I've been buying since the extensive chat we  had about the Vortex, an
unit to Guitar Center of Hallendale (florida, i think). This post is
intended, although off topic, to warn people like me that were stupid
enough to buy things in the states, but living elsewhere (I'm french).
The price was really interesting compared to french prices.

Unfortunately, the unit I received is dead. The knob that is supposed to
let dial between the programms only offer half of them (you have again 16
on position 1, 15 on 2, 8 on 3, etc) Besides, if you use a pedal to switch
between registers, what you get is the unit jumping every 20 seconds from
the pedal set programm to the knob set programm. Complete disaster.

But the funny thing is Lexicon told they won't support any warranty in my
case. What i'm supposed to do is have someone repair it and pay. Just
nice. I've checked on my warranty card. Nowhere is written that the
warranty is void in such circontances.

Of course Guitar Center claim no responsibility too, and they are...
sorry! So i'm stuck with a unit costing 234 bucks with shipping, and that
was dead....

Warning to all people who'd consider to buy in the states: 
Don't unless you are of course american

Olivier Malhomme