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Re: How about a Loopers-Delight CD?


David Kirkdorffer writes:

> I'd be interested in working to pull together  
> such a project -- that is, working on a CD of 
> Loopers-Delight subscribers loops.

> Imagine if a CD costs $2500 and 10 musicians 
> divided 76minutes and the total cost...

> And we could call it Loopers-Delight!

Well, I'm a little fearful of offering this but, 
unless someone else was interested in doing it, 
I guess I could offer my graphic services
(gratis of course) for a Loopy CD. I have done 
several (and my "day job" title is Art Director). 

If the group would provide the text, photos, 
a generally agreed upon concept, and other 
materials you could shave at *minimum*
another $500 off of that $2500 total (probably 
more if you shopped around CD manufacturers
a bit). Every little bit helps when making 
things economically feasable for folks to 
participate (I know). 

Any feedback?

Ted Killian