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Re: Observations from playing experience & Gripes w/Oberheim Customer Service

At 01:43 PM 10/14/96 -0400, you wrote:
>1.  Playing Experience Observations
>Recent chat about the UNDO function reminds me of this...
>UNDO Can Kill The Loop
>Has anyone else experienced this.  You're happily creating a loop.  10-20
>minutes of layering, reversing and undoing.  Life is good and the loop is
>happening.  Then, you press the UNDO button (on the footpedal of course) 
>suddenly you're engulfed in silence.  Somehow, invoking the UNDO function 
>erased the loop.
>I've since stopped using the UNDO function.  I can't be performing 
>infront of
>people and have this type of thing happen.

This is the same thermal problem that was discussed a few days ago. There 
a very easy hardware fix that solves it completely. Basically, when the 
gets hot, Undo sometimes executes the record function. If you do the
hardware mod, the echoplex can run at much higher temperatures without
problems. I don't have time to explain it again now, but look back to posts
from last week for the info. Matthias even posted a nice jpeg showing how 
do the mod!


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