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Gibson / Oberheim Echoplex Digital Pro News

Various old news items about the EDP

(6/10/2002) - LoopIV is here!! wow, big Echoplex news today, Aurisis Research has announced the long-awaited LoopIV upgrade for the EDP. The press release from Aurisis is here at the Aurisis web site. Or just go directly to the Aurisis LoopIV site, they have feature lists, manuals, and audio examples there. We'll have more at Looper's Delight about this soon.

(10/14/2001) The Echoplex has truly been revived. It's now even available direct from Musician's Friend! Click here to see!

(6/24/2001) Looking for an Echoplex in Europe? I know that many of you have been waiting for them there for a long time. We've learned that Gibson's Swiss distributor is stocking them! ZENKER LTD Feierabendstrasse 22, CH-4003 Basel, Switzerland. Try their website at http://www.zenker.ch. Gibson reports they are right in the middle of getting CE approval for the echoplex, but since they haven't got it yet and Switzerland does not require it, Zenker is the only place in Europe with Echoplexes in stock!

(6/9/2001) Gibson has been announcing their "rerelease" of the Echoplex Digital Pro. It is great to see the effort they are putting behind the EDP and the commitment they have to the looping community. Gibson has successfully moved the Echoplex production to their Trace-Elliot division in the UK and renamed it the "Gibson Echoplex". Other than the name, it is the same as before and SHIPPING! The first runs off their new production line have been shipped off to customers already, and they are ramped up and easily supplying demand now. You can find Echoplexes at Gibson dealers all over the US. The quality of the new units is excellent, all known hardware and software bugs have been fixed, and it seems all the problems of the past are now a distant memory. They even ship it with the full 16MB of memory for 198 seconds of sampling! It's been a long time waiting for this, so it is very exciting to see it finally come to pass. There had been rumors going around that the Oberheim Echoplex was out of production. NOT TRUE! Don't believe it - it's just called Gibson now. but you know how these internet rumors can go.... The EDP is back, baby! They put a lot of effort into this, and we are seeing a lot of happy new echoplex users around these parts!

Gibson did close down the Oberheim division, but kept the Echoplex since it's been such a popular product. Yippee! Unfortunately, this caused a frustrating delay while they reorganized everything, but we are very happy to see it all together again. Gibson deserves huge kudos and thanks for believing in the future of looping and keeping this legendary product alive!

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