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Re: Why NOT Looping has been good for me.

Looper's Twilight?!?


Playing in a band, playing and singing with just a guitar and my voice, 
and looping live or in the privacy of my studio all fulfill different 
needs. I get something different out of each of them and I enjoy each more 
or less depending on things like what other musicians I have to play with, 
venues where I can perform and how I am feeling.

On May 7, 2012, at 9:30 PM, Buzap Buzap wrote:

> Masssimo:
>> I think that The important thing is not to have a too immersive 
>> tecnical 
>> approach, but more relaxed end more improv
> Fully agree with that! Personally, maybe I'm more in danger of loosing 
> myself in technical detail...
> Per:
> Philosophically or sematically, we could discuss about "virtual" or 
> "real" music. I don't have better word for it.
> What I mean is: Yes, it is all music. But somewhat, there seems to be a 
> difference between i.e. singing in an acapella group or configuring a 
> VST-plugin at home by myself.
> I wouldn't even call one "good" or the other "bad". Let's just say, what 
> I need right now in my life is playing more with people and worrying 
> less about the technical details...
> best regards
> Buzap
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