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Re: plan for an annual Looper's Delight / Livelooping telephone conference call

Yes, this does sound like fun, count me in!


On 4/28/12, Rick Walker <looppool@cruzio.com> wrote:
> On 4/27/12 6:09 PM, Tyler wrote:
>> Hello, everybody! I just got this great idea that I think a lot of you
>> will like! Lately, I've had
>> a lot of experience controlling conference calls; participating in them,
>> helping moderate them, and so on.
>> I think that there should be a Looper's Delight / Livelooping chat. I'd
>> even set it up for you
>> guys; schedule it, give instructions on how to get into the chat, and 
>> just
>> control the flow of things. Readers
>> of Looper's Delight and Livelooping would be welcome; we could even 
>> share
>> loop sounds over the
>> phone lines! The Looper's Delight / Livelooping Conference! I would 
>> record
>> it each time,
>> and put the recording up on a server and send it. Would you guys like a
>> digital conference once a year?
>> Remember, I'll do all the setting up, programming and scheduling.
>> Tyler Zahnke
> That sounds hella fun.  I'm down!
> rick walker

Greg Wegmann