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Re: Insane to even contemplate?

no pain at all, Ted, I love you!

and I can tell everyone that we are back at hard work (after a year of 
many distractions)
we had to change the processor module, but front panel and software are 
pretty advanced
and we use a gantter plan now! I never really planned my work in the past… 
so eventually we can even do predictions :-)
How do you like Kickstarter ?

On 23 Apr 2012, at 11:45 AM, Ted Killian wrote:

> Mark,
> Either that or we could all lobby Matthias to hurry and finish up his 
> work on this:
> <http://www.evoloop.org/>
> I have been doing so for years, to the point where he probably thinks of 
> me as a pain in the neck.
> I am happy to have and use his EchoLoop VST.
> But I seriously still yearn for the new hardware version.
> Hi dee ho.
> Ted
> On Apr 22, 2012, at 6:11 PM, Mark Hamburg wrote:
>> I want to take the guts of an EDP and an EDP footswitch and sort of 
>> meld them together. I need the faceplate from the EDP to show up on the 
>> front of the melded device though obviously I don't need most of the 
>> buttons since I'll have the footswitch buttons.
>> As a bonus feature, it would be great to have stereo friendliness added 
>> as circuitry that would support passing a stereo signal through even if 
>> the loop was mono. That's obviously going to fight with the mix knob, 
>> however. Even cooler, provide an insert after the loop to go from mono 
>> back to stereo.
>> Am I insane to contemplate this?
>> (And while I'm contemplating it, how about using the Boomerang 
>> footswitches and throwing in one of the Boomerang roller expression 
>> pedals...)
>> Mark