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dl4 problem

The same problem has come up with both of my DL4's.
While in the loop mode and the mode is turned off, it's recording.  I can hear a churning and when I twist the delay time knob, the sound changes pitch.  Done the factory reset on both and it still persists.
When I go into any of the delay modes, the churning stops when I turn the effect off and it resumes when I go back to the loop mode.
There'll be more experimentation in the next few days as this came up as a buddy was coming over to jam and I didn't want to futz with it then.  Will see if it matters what pedals come before or after, etc...
Could the pots need replacing? 
One DL4 was on my pedalboard for a gig in mid-March and there wasn't a problem then.
One difference between the gig and last night was the power supply - the pedalboard is juiced by a Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2+ and last night I was using a Power-All PA-9 with the 11 connector daisy-chain (though only 6 pedals were being use).  Wonder if not enough milliamps to the DL4 could be the problem...
And, it's almost moot - I was trying the TC Electronics Flashback delay which has a loop function.  There's no half- or double-speed function but has the sound-on-sound and it's a quarter of the width of a DL4 so seriously thinking about getting one (or two) of those to replace the DL4's.  I have a TC Hall of Fame reverb and love it.
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