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RE: Mobius Mystery part 2

I ran a few tests on Windows and Mac, and I'm able to get Note On and Note 
Off through Live to Mobius.
The tests were done with a little Korg nanoKey but that shouldn't make a 
difference, the important thing is that you need to make sure that the FCB 
1010 is sending both Note On and Note Off and nothing else.  The FCB can 
sometimes send extra MIDI program changes along with the note events if 
you don't disable that when you program the note.  To verify this use MIDI 
Monitor on Mac or MIDI-OX on Windows and make sure that you're only 
getting Note on/off from the device.

Next I brought up Live, 1 audio track, 1, midi track, went to "MIDI Sync" 
tab in Live's preferences and made sure that for the nanoKey the "On" 
button under the Track column was lit, the Sync and Remote buttons should 
be Off.

Then I dropped Mobius 2 into the audio track.  In the Mobius MIDI Devices 
window make sure there is nothing selected in the Plugin Input Devices 
panel.  In the MIDI track, the "MIDI From" button reads "All Ins" and
"All Channels" under "Monitor" click the "In" button  so it is lit, under 
"MIDI To" select "1-Audio".

Go back to the Mobius window and open the MIDI Control dialog.  I added a 
binding for the Record function and used MIDI capture to detect the first 
key on the nanoKey.  Close the MIDI Control dialog, and press the key.  
Recording starts.  Press key again, recording stops.

On Windows I was using Live 8.1.1 on OS X I was using an older trial 
version of 7.0.12.  


From: Kevin Cheli-Colando [billowhead@gmail.com]
Sent: Thursday, April 12, 2012 11:57 PM
To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
Subject: Re: Mobius Mystery part 2

Well, this is getting embarrassing but I will press on to ask again anyway.

I can get the midi to work running Mobius as a stand alone.  Record
starts recording and plays as expected when stopped.

But when I go into Live, the recording always does that 1 second and
reset thing.  I thought I tried all the things suggested (and I do
have it set up as described below) but I can't figure out what is
going on.  Anyone want to take pity on a simpleton and walk me through
the steps of configuring Live and Mobius to play nicely together.  I
feel like I'm missing something obvious but don't know how to track it
down.  I guess its fair to say I know enough to cause trouble but
don't really quite understand exactly what I'm doing.

I'd be happy to read a manual but I can't even seem to find the
solution to the problem I'm facing in the manual or forums (though
Jeff's manual does mention the long press reset problem but seems to
assume I would then know how to solve that issue).

Round three anyone?