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RE: a dream about looping that I had that I wonder if it can come true

You can also use the Electroharmonix' Freeze pedal: 

You can use it alone or to lay down a layer or drone in a loop.



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Subject: Re: a dream about looping that I had that I wonder if it can come 

I guess something like this:

start chord => Start recording => end recording => end playing chord

If you don't have any clicking sound it should be okay. Or use some LONG 
reverb but it can affect the tone and sound of the chord.

Greetings from Germany, Georg

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> Betreff: a dream about looping that I had that I wonder if it can come 
> true

> Hello, all! This is Tyler the comedian! Back in 2006 (which, according 
> to what I see on Looper's Delight, everything except the mailing list 
> became inactive) I had this dream about a song that I had heard just 
> days before. In the dream, though, part of it was looped; a dream 
> about a remix before I had even heard of a remix. Well, in this dream, 
> there was a chord; I think it was an A chord. In real life, the chord 
> in the song lasts for 3/4 of a second. In the dream, it lasted for 20 
> seconds, then it faded, implying that it could loop on forever! Well, 
> in the dream, it sounded like one long chord, not a loop. Is this 
> possible in real life; to make a loop that, if someone heard the remix 
> before they heard the original, they would think it was originally 
> that way? Let's say there's a chord that lasts for
> 3/4 of a second in a song. Is there a way to make a loop that, when 
> played, it would sound like the chord was held for 20 seconds? So that 
> a listener not familiar with the original song would think that it was 
> really held for 20 seconds, and not really sound like an obvious loop?
> Tyler Z

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