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RE: Midi and Mobius Question

Yes, it can work but not always.  It depends on a few things.  Mostly not 
all MIDI device drivers are "multi client", I think most of the new ones 
are, but devices that are over 5 years old may not be.  What this means is 
one application (Live) will try to open a MIDI device and another 
application (Mobius) will try to open 
the same device.  Sometimes this may fail and Mobius will report an error, 
sometimes it succeeds but you'll have weird results because the MIDI 
inputs aren't being duplicated for both Live and Mobius.  If you 
reconfigure the host application and close the device Mobius will still be 
using it and it may crash.   If you want both the host and Mobius to open 
devices it is best if they don't open the same ones.  You can control this 
in Live, just don't select the devices in Live's configuration page that 
Mobius will be using.  Other hosts (like Mainstage the last time I 
checked) don't give you this option, they open everything whether you need 
it or not.

The IAC bus on OS X is a special case as are PC alternatives like MIDI 
Yoke.  You shouldn't have a problem with those if both Mobius and the host 
open them.  


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Works flawlessly for me in Live. I'm sending clock from mobius via the iac 
bus back to Live as well.