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Re: Gigspam, Minneapolis (and musing asides)

I think I shall return to the old continent sometime next week, although 
coming back to a snowy Helsinki really doesn't sound all that appealing. :P


On Apr 7, 2012, at 5:07 PM, Dennis Moser wrote:

> Hey, Risto! When will you be back in Helsinki? Before the end of July?
> There's a madness to this method — ;-)
> Best,
> Dennis
> http://soundcloud.com/usrsbin
> http://audiozoloft.com
> http://usrslashsbin.angrek.com/
> On Sat, Apr 7, 2012 at 4:01 PM, Risto Paalanen 
> <risto.paalanen@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hey there!
>> So, I took the plunge and now find myself in Minneapolis. I'll be 
>> playing a set at Radio K's WAVEFORMS shindig on Monday at Honey (205 E 
>> Hennepin), so that's a rare opportunity to hear what I can conjure up 
>> with a guitar, a dictaphone and a laptop.
>> (I find I'm also thinking real hard about that looping festival in 
>> October...)
>> (I also find myself thinking about setting up a looper night in 
>> Helsinki once I get back from this trip. I can get us a good venue with 
>> nearly no problem whatsoever.)
>> Your pal,
>> R. / Taphead
>> http://taphead.bandcamp.com