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RE: Eventide Space vs. Strymon Timeline...Opinions?

Holy moly, I need to educate myself a little better in this.

I thought that the Blue Sky is a reverb unit (as you said), that the
Timeline is a reverb unit on steroids, and that the Eventide Space was a
delay unit. That's what I read on a gear message board.

Watching the demos I thought that both the Timeline and Space were
combination reverb/delay. I was focusing mostly on the sounds they were
producing and less on the specs, so I'll study up. I'm very intrigued but
the droning sounds achievable by the Timeline. I'm getting a little tired 
my "Verse-chorus" performances and want to expand into creating some more
spacey soundscapes (if that's still a currently used term).

Thanks for the input.


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From: Jeff Shirkey [mailto:jcshirke@frontier.com] 
Subject: Re: Eventide Space vs. Strymon Timeline...Opinions?

On Apr 5, 2012, at 10:47 PM, Bennett Williams wrote:

> I have not used the Strymon,

Fwiw, the Strymon reverb is called the "Blue Sky". Cool as it is, it's not
anywhere near being in the same league as Eventide's Space. I'm not sure
which pedals the original poster meant to compare, though.  
Comparing Space and Timeline doesn't make a whole lot of sense. The 
isn't a reverb unit. It's one hell of a delay pedal, though, with
interesting effects--filters, some pitch shifting, etc.