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Re: Re: Looperlative LP2

Thanks, Zak,

that was a very honest and compassionate reply.

I apologize for missing your initial posts.

I was just contacted by someone who said that the LP2 was getting a beating
on the GearPage and that it might behoove me to respond to it.

It's all been imperfect and I hope my post there conveys that I don't hold it against anyone
who was frustrated or who gave up on the unit.

I also really wanted to say that I still believe it's a very cool thing and the warts seem to be behind us

thanks for writing and sharing your thoughts.

with a lot of respect,    Rick

On 4/5/12 11:48 AM, Zak Kramer wrote:
As the person who's supposedly giving the LP2 a "beating" over on TGP, I'd like to state a few things.

1. I knew about Bob's personal problems, and posted about them there back in July, in the context of asking folks to be patient. In fact, if you go over the (admittedly lengthy) thread carefully, you will see that I took it upon myself to keep folks there informed, in the hopes that he would not lose the use of (any more) deposits. While I completely understand his position, I think it's also understandably difficult for some folks to justify allowing Bob the use of their money for a year or more without really knowing what's going on. Still, I did so, for fourteen months and 2 units. I only wish it could have worked out better -- and I mean that sincerely.

2. I attempted to convey my experiences as carefully as possible, by putting a lot of thought into and then clearly outlining my signal path and methodology, and eschewing emotional judgements to the greatest extent possible. Furthermore, I followed the suggestions of several folks, including Bob, to solve my problems, eg. trying a variety of power sources and using all 3 input gain levels. None of these resulted in a usable product *for me* (which I was also careful to state) and so I asked for, and received, a refund.

3. The goodwill Bob has around here was one of the primary reasons that I was so patient, and why I urged others to do the same. While I certainly became quite frustrated, and was ultimately disappointed, I do not, nor have I ever, borne Bob any personal animus, and as such, I have never expressed same. I cannot express enough that I have a great deal of respect for Bob and what he is trying to do, in a difficult personal situation, in a difficult market, and in a challenging economy.

All of that, however, while true, is beside the point: I was sold a unit with the promise of absolutely superb sound quality, and instead received a unit that in no way lived up to that promise -- even after I returned the first unit in the hopes that the first release bugs were worked out. In comparison, I pre-ordered a Boomerang III, and waited quite a while (I don't remember exactly how long; at least 6mo.) My first unit didn't work, and I was on the phone with Mike within hours, and then his hardware guy (Lee?) later that night. I was cross-shipped a fully tested and properly functioning unit, which I still have to this day.

I sincerely hope that Bob can deliver the looper he wants to create, and plenty of folks want to use, and that all of this can be chalked up to "growing pains."

Zak Kramer