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Re: Eventide Space vs. Strymon Timeline...Opinions?

I have not used the Strymon, but as you may know, I am using the Space. When I was looking into getting one, the sales rep @ Sweetwater Sound told me that the hall & plate reverb settings were worth the price of the unit alone, they were that good. The Space has many other presets that are totally out there, but I never use them. Just a good sounding stereo plate reverb is all I need, and the Space does this beautifully. If I were to upgrade, I would get a rack-mount reverb unit that uses balanced line level signals, and just does basic reverb, without additional whacked-out signal processing that I'm just not interested in. The Eventide 2016 is probably going to be what I get:


The only other rack-mount reverb that I have heard of which is better is the Bricasti, but one of those is $3k, and that's just too much for a reverb.

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