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Re: ADSR real time plug in?

I suspect that the Fabfilter Pro-G gate plugin could do this, although I haven't tried it for this purpose. It's pretty sophisticated. Their plugins have a one month fully functional trial period, so they're worth checking out.

--On 04 April 2012 19:43 +0200 Per Boysen <perboysen@gmail.com> wrote:


This is a plugin I've been searching for for years! Damn all
shortsighted developers and manufacturers that don't do proper market
research!!! We guitarists know too well the old Auto Swell effect box.
The only good one I have found in the software world comes as part of
IK Multimedia's Amplitube 3 and is named "Swell". It allows you to run
it un-synced or synced to the host tempo. Synced is nice because you
can set it to swell the attack envelope by an 8th note, halfnote or
whatever musical duration that fits the song. And this follows the
tempo as we usually do with that STratocaster knob under the right
hand's pinky or the volume pedal under the foot.

In Logic/Mainstage there is a plugin called Enveloper that kind of
does this in a mixing situation of already recorded files, but it
doesn't go longer than a very short duration... probably somewhere
around a 64the note. Sucks. However, Enveloper is great to make a
squeeze box smack ears like a house piano, minimize or emphasize an
already recorded reverb etc etc.

In Ableton Live I have managed to cheat an Auto Swell effect by using
an input envelope follow Max for Live device, delay its attack by a
ramp up curve and assign it to control a volume plugin or a track
volume fader further down the signal chain. Fiddly and not by far as
good sounding as that simple "Swell" thing that comes with Amplitube 3

In the software world poor man's auto swell can be a filter bank
plugin! Logic/Mainstage has something called AutoFilter that works
almost satisfactory, but not all the way. I get a little better attack
smothing from the PSP plugin N02. Very short attack smoothing but, not
even a 16 note's envelope, but good and musical sounding. It is a
preset called "Envelope Filter". Wait a minute.. maybe I should go
into that plugin (cause it is kind of "programmable") and see if I can
make the attack time longer... goddammit, why haven't I thought about
that? Checking it out now while typing and YES that is possible. The
good sounding preset I've been using sports a 10 ms attack slope but
I'm able to type in maximally 1000 ms there. I'm finding here that 404
ms attack is cool with 28 ms release and sensibility 11 dB. Playing a
new note from silence makes it swell in, with a little touch of the
filter, making it sound a bit "moogish", but if you play fast legato
runs the release time will not bring down the filter and there is no
change to the sound. Pretty optimal. Very nice and I will use this a
lot, but I'm still looking for this thing without the filters: just a
plain volume ADSR.

Thank you Bill. Hope you too will find happiness in the plugin jungle  :-)

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen

On Wed, Apr 4, 2012 at 6:50 PM, William Walker <billwalker@baymoon.com>
    Does any one make an ADSR plugin that can be applied in real time,
ie used during loop creation while recording, as apposed to just working
as a post production App? if its tied to a delay algorithm that would be
cool, and perhaps I already have one, as i was recently given a mass of
plug ins I haven't gone through yet. To that end I'm talking right now
to the designer of the great floor compressor I use, the OWA 1960, about
building a true ADSR in to a stomp box pedal, as nobody has done such a
thing in a pedal format, that really works well, as does all four phases
of ADSR. I'm surprised Moog hasn't done a mooger fooger ADSR, but then
again, I wouldn't have the real estate on my pedal board for something
that big, not to mention the $.  Those of you who have heard my music
know that i rely heavily on the Auto- volume Echo on line 6 M series
processors  to achieve a volume pedal swell, as apposed to using a
strait volume pedal, which is also something i do, but i need the auto
volume effect because all of the loop tasking and real time effects
control I'm doing with my feet.