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Re: loops with a drummer?

On Sun, Apr 1, 2012 at 7:21 PM, Teddy Kumpel <teddykumpel@mac.com> wrote:
> I just don't like having to step on the start button every 8 bars

Wow, every 8 bars sounds well over due to me. More often I retrigger
the whole shebang even before completing one bar! I mean, if it is not
in the same tempo as the band currently is playing it is better the
shorter of it you allow on each re-trigger kick. This situation almost
always leads me into kick Record twice to snag a new loop to get the
timing right. It might not always be fun to put yourself in the role
of The Stutter Clown ;-)  but I know of no other method to loop
rhythmically in a band situation. If leaving out the always working
non rhythmic soundscape loop creating, that is. But you CAN actually
make a non rhythmic pad sound work rhythmically by playing its
Rate/Speed Shift switch.