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Re: old technology - digi 001 and G4

The 001 was my first ProTools system and was absolutely brilliant.

People generally agree that the pre-amps of the 001 were better than the 
002. I was happy (and still am for mobile recording using my Focusrite 
Octopre) with my 002 but then got the 003 for my studio when Digidesign 
offered the 'amnesty' for owners of 001s.

I now have a G4 sat in the corner of the room doing nothing having also 
moved on with my Mac choices.

If you can get the 001 for $100 as you say, I say go for it.

In time you will definitely want/need more processing power but until you 
are ready the 001/G4 is/was a fantastic combo and a great introduction to 


On 26 Feb 2012, at 02:56, openjam@aol.com wrote:

> Anyone still using  or ever used the digidesign digi 001
> When this first came out nearly 13 years ago,  the mac g4 was the 
> preferred computer for the digi001 and this was the state of the art for 
> home computer recording.
> I have my old g4 still and it runs fine. I can buy a digi 001 rig for 
> $100. If i would have had this back in the day it would have been 100% 
> matched for each others performance.  And there's a chance I would still 
> be using it today.
> All i really want are more tracks, more inputs, and the ability to edit 
> recordings beyond what I currently have which is a basic Yamaha MD4 
> digital 4 track.
> tq