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Re: Just ordered new instrument

Rick Walker schrieb:
I remember seeing Portisehead years ago where he
had gone in and tracked individual tracks (like solo harmonica),
pressed to vinyl and the scratched and pitch shifted it in to
live tracks in a really amazing way.

I remembered thinking
1) what a totally cool concept:   create your own 'scratcheables'
2)  WOW!! you have to have a lot of money to do this.
The solution that might have been used here is Final Scratch or a competitor, where you use special timecode records, then send that timecode audio to a specific software, which you then use to playback any audio file according to how you move your vinyl. And while it's not as inexpensive as 200 bucks (and you still need your turntable, which you already have as a scratcher usually), it's not in the WOW!!/break your bank price range.

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