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RE: Octotrack. but not versus Live

Since i haven't used live I will skip the "versus" part AND i will be brief it has been a looooong day..

You can do sound on sound and all sorts of live sampling via midi, i haven't had the need.. yet.. However there is no "looper" machine yet but you can do a lot of other "looping" stuff with what is there. Includeing a lot of thing that you can't to in a looper.. A looping machine is promised by Elektron sometime this spring.. NOT having a looper in the Octa has forced me to think outside the box.. and i have discovered MANY really cool things i might not have tried if the Octatrack would have had a looping machine.. however when they add it it will be even MORE fun..

Most, if not all functions on the Octatrack can be trigged with MIDI.. so you can start and mute track, change patterns and parts.. from a floor midi pedal..
I'm not sure what you mean by "piece" but you have different samples that needs to be switched between in a live setting that could be done from a GOOD midi pedal.. I will probably by Gordius eventually.. 
You could have different songs as different "parts" or as different projects. Parts are better i if you need to change really fast. I'm not sure if you can change project via MIDI.. i can find out if it si important.
.. so if you have specific questions regarding Octatrack i will try to answer..

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> Anders on the list has been using it quite a lot, maybe he could chime
> in here...?
> 2012/2/16 Simeon Harris <simeonharris40@googlemail.com>:
> > i'd be interested in hearing more about the octatrack as well. the
> > last i heard, it didn't have the software to allow you to use it as a
> > conventional looper with a footswitch...although they said it was
> > coming....
> >
> > On Thu, Feb 16, 2012 at 7:24 PM, Antony Hequet <antony.hequet@orange.fr> wrote:
> >> Hello,
> >> After performing with Live a few times I am considering not having a computer on stage anymore. Walking over to the beast to load the next song, being drawn into the screen, just takes away from "being here now" with the public.
> >> Plus I had a couple of nothing is happening let's reboot experiences.
> >> How does the octotrack perform switching from one piece to the next. Do you have to manipulate or can you just send a pg change? Can you have
> >
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> Petri