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Re: To those who make a living off of music

I too made my living with music for a while. Sound guy, live and studio. Wasn't highly paid or the like, but the travel, etc. was worth it. Got in with a country band later that opened for huge national acts. Was hoping to get picked up by one of them but it didn't happen. Probably a good thing.  The small town I lived in halfway between Seattle and Portland made networking too hard. Came close, but not quite. Rig

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Subject: Re: To those who make a living off of music

Like the 2 previous posts, I too am an occasional Pro.
For 12 years I was a full time Pro, and being that it was a band, it was also a business, and as such, involved meetings, contracts, deadlines, arguments and compromises. Now I work fulltime in a film company and maybe 25% of the time is writing music or working with audio, the rest is meetings, contracts, deadlines, arguments and compromises.

Again mostly doing what someone else wants you to do... When a customer says... too sad, too slow, too dark, we say How happy how fast how light?

I think its a pleasure to do, and the band was a f***ing topsy turvy rollercoaster of laughs.. but if that was ALL I did, I would die... My "pro" music has always been the tip of the iceberg for me. When I was touring with a depressive goth band, I was also releasing occasional 12" house/techno tracks and partying the night away...
Now Im doing film and corporate music, Im also doing looping and noise and whatever arty farty technologicak nonsense Im into that week...

I enjoy her best of all when its just me, she and the guitar between us.

(or did someone just say that?)


Mark Francombe
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