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Re: OT: final mixing Stereo Width- link to article

On Tue, Feb 14, 2012 at 12:24 PM, andy butler
your resulting mix has swapped channels because you invert A
 instead of B

Per Boysen wrote:
THat's right but I don't regard it a difference since it just a normal
routine to swap it back with a L<>R fix on the summing master.

I thought you were doing that deliberately.

I'm kind of fixed on having hi hat on the left,
and high piano notes on the right...which makes
no particular sense.

you aren't defining that A and B should be mixed equally, that's   
for creating what the user perceives unambiguously
  as a width control. (which I assume *isn't* what you want to do)

Actually they can't! I was a defining that the the phase reversing
channel has to be a little lower in level. That is to avoid a total
"hole in the middle" effect. But matching it all is up to the user to
do by ear and to fit the musical situation.

with a shuffler the "hole in the middle" is exactly what's required.
Then the user has a fader on the A+B which become "width".

Obviously if you're going to do stuff like mix bass to
center for vinyl (hi-pass on the "sides") you need that complete cancellation.

I guess your method works best for you,
not suggesting you should change it.
...but I've no idea where it came from ;-)

Alan Blumlein originally I would guess,

..but your variant?

..guess that's down to your own creativity, I certainly don't
mean to say that it's "incorrect" in any way.

Here's an article including a pic of Blumlein,
and some interesting techniques.