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Re: OT: final mixing and mastering of film score....hints?

Per Boysen wrote:

Here's what you do in detail by a more technical description:

Ch A: Reverse stereo channels. Ch B: Invert phase. Now, when two
channels of reversed phase play back through the same playback channel
they nullify each other and the sum is silence. BUT here we made one
of them stereo reversed, which means that only the audio that is mono
- i.e. middle of stereo image - becomes nullified. Merging A + B gives
us a "hole in the middle" stereo image. The deepness of the black hole
and the width of the experienced stereo field depends on how you set
the levels of these two stereo busses. My finding is that 1 dB lower
for the phase inverted Ch B works best for the music I do (-1 dB that
is). Now enter Ch C, the "monofied" split, and fill up that hole in
the middle with this one. If the orignal mix is good this should stay
at 0 dB as Ch A.

So all of the trick is to make you hear the mix

There's no way to get the original mix back with that combination.

It's almost an implementation of a regular "shuffler", but weirded up:

adding A and B equally gives you the classic "sides" signal, ready to mix with the mono "center"...except that the whole result is now L<>R

well, if it works......it's good