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telePort - An Introduction

Hey Loopers!

Some might remember that i a couple of years ago released an audio
looper called Syncopath performer. It was just a fun little thing...
Since then I've been hard at work though making the prototype of a new 
It has a lot to do with looping and improvisation, especially MIDI
looping and looping of what you do to the machine, while also letting
you store a bunch of different settings and morph between them.
Modular at its core and supports both vst instruments, effects and
hardware over MIDI.
So even just as a crazy router/mixer, without putting the sequencing
parts into play, there's a lot of possibilities for creating morhpable
live environments.

The master channel has a buil-in audio looper as well letting you grab
what you have been playing, and changing everything up before mixing
the new sounds with what are playing from the looper... Currently one
of the 8 audio channels has its own independent audio looper as
I've just released the prototype recently and to make some sense out
of it made an introductionary video showing some of the different ways
one can use it.


Basically it's made to suit my own purpose, but it has reached a state
where it would be very fun and interesting to see what some of you
would think about it! :)