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Re: College

Don't stress man, this is a very exciting time for you, but I know
it's a big decisions...  however, like most big decisions in life,
it's ok to try before you buy (ask questions of faculty and students
at programs that interest you).  It's also ok to change your mind (as
many times as required).  Only fools and dead men don't change their

I studied Philosophy (B.A. and M.A.) but I'm a published poet and
cartoonist and I've played trombone professionally for many years
(people pay me to show up).  If the only thing you're getting out of
university is a job, you're getting screwed.  Study what you are
passionate about and everything will work out.  Piano is nice, but
don't waste your time with piano if your goal is not piano...
non-pianists can also learn music theory...

That being said, if I were to drop everything and go back to school, I
would personally go to one of these places:


http://www.media.mit.edu/ (graduate program only)