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Re: Innerclock

In my previous post I said that the MIDI Clock sync through IAC seemed
to work well syncing Ableton Live to a Mobius looper plugin. I was
wrong. After sending in that post I double-checked the new set-up I
was working on and the "canned drums" delivered through Live (from
iDrum AU plugin) sounded quite bad together with my sync master live
loops, Live doesn't cut it.

So I deleted all drum stuff from my rig and repelled back to my usual
technique of creating rhythm parts as audio layers in the tonal loops
- either by vocal beat-boxing through a mic or by strumming a source
input instrument - doing that in Mobius is just rock solid. Phew...
it felt good to get the groove right again.

I know this kind of sync is OT to the original post, but I just had to
correct myself in that early-bird post that flew out with incorrect
information ;-)

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen