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Re: Innerclock

Thanks all for the illuminating discussion :)

My goals here, the reasons I am interested in good hardware/software synch, are as follows:

1. To enable precise edits after the fact: whether adding Ableton loops to running LP-1 loops, or excising beat-precise sections/subsections from a piece recorded into Ableton, or mucking about with same in a beat or sub-beat precise manner... most important aspect because there is no real workaround here that is effective.

2. To be able to develop and play LP-1 loops alongside software-generated beats

3. To be able to improvise freely with both hardware and software in synch.

4. To have peripheral pedals (delay, trem etc) synched too. This is not as much a problem though, as the clock for constantly running processes...

It is true that things are fine if one stays within Ableton only; it is true that things are fine when staying within the LP-1 only. But I want them both :)

Phil :)

On Jan 16, 2012, at 8:50 AM, Marcus Kirby wrote:

The sync within ableton is fine, but sending midi out to hardware is a bit off. I'm running three synced pedals, bass synth, and drum machine. I get about 2-3ms of latency, which is a problem.

I use silent way for cv stuff, and the cv synced pedals are rock solid. I really want to get the es-4 and do cv to midi stuff.

On Jan 16, 2012 9:52 AM, "Per Boysen" <perboysen@gmail.com> wrote:
Yep. Pre v.8 was horrible but now it works well enough here in my
setup (according to my taste that is). For background, here's what I

1. Set the tempo by making a loop in Mobius VST plugin. Mobius set to
OS X IAC Bus as "Plugin MIDI Output", means the generated MIDI Clock
goes out the virtual "MIDI cable" in-the-box.

2. Set Live to follow external sync and listen for sync input by the
IAC Bus port.

3. For using Live as an effect rack the tempo jitter isn't a problem.
Clocked delay return taps is the most advanced timing dependent effect
I use. I do some harsh tremolo effect tempo division sweeping too,
used as musical transition fills in improvisation. Not timing critical

4. Canned drums could be problematic though, if using MIDI programmed
in Live to drive a drum sampler. But I rather use the iDrum AU plugin
that has its own pattern sequencer with built-in song chaining of
patterns. This sounds ok to my ears. No timing jitter but sometimes a
bit of drifting, but that only sounds cool. However, it is not
possible to kick off a set with the iDrum volume up because the first
few seconds Ableton Live is desperately catching up on the suddenly
incoming MIDI Clock and can't provide hosted plugins a proper VST/AU
sync. When I'm up an running I can do abrupt tempo changes by going
Multiply-Record in Mobius and have a nice tempo adjustment of both
Live's effects and the iDrum beats.


On Mon, Jan 16, 2012 at 4:32 PM, Os <os@collective.co.uk> wrote:
> Live is notorious for its poor MIDI clock.
> os.
> On 16 January 2012 13:02, andy butler <akbutler@tiscali.co.uk> wrote:
>> I like the test method they describe here.
>> http://innerclocksystems.com/New%20ICS%20Clock%20Watch.html
>> I bet not all DAW software is equal in this respect (and not all
>> midi interfaces).
>> Innerclock actual have some test results if you scroll down the page.
>> With Live and an Edirol Interface they find a max error
>> of 10mS for midi clocks.
>> I haven't done proper tests on the LP1 clock following,
>> (...yet).
>> ...but unless Ableton is actually dropping a few clocks
>> the LP1 *shouldn't* be drifting.
>> However, I *can* imagine that a particular pattern in the jitter might
>> through off the LP1.
>> Or the error in timing on the source is greater than Bob predicted.
>> I don't know how LP1 follows clock, but it may be that beyond a certain
>> window of
>> error it just gives up...could conceivably be a quick fix for Bob
>> to make that window larger.
>> It might be worth experimenting with a different host
>> to see what happens. Plogue Bidule for instance.
>> Or try a different midi interface.
>> andy
>> (I'd be sceptical of the product...only Per beat me to it, and now Os has
>> chipped in it's all over. )
>> Phil Clevenger wrote:
>>> Anyone have any experience using Innerclock products to better govern MIDI
>>> clock sync?
>>> http://innerclocksystems.com/New%20ICS%20Products.html
>>> Phil
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