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Re: Creating Space

This has been a life-long quest for me as well. The problem for me is when I was first learning to play I would take a song and learn to play two or three parts at once on the guitar. Which is fine in the privacy of your practice space but doesn't translate well when in a band setting. Tough habit to break...
Two things have happened to make me a little better at it. First, I am getting arthritis in my fretting fingers, so I try to make every note count. Second, I started playing steel guitar, and using the alternate tunings has opened up my playing on conventional guitar as well. Third, I started looping and realized how dense things can get in a short time (someone else already mentioned how looping has helped). Fourth, I can't even count to two ;)

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On Jan 11, 2012, at 4:52 AM, andy butler wrote:

>> What do the members of this esteemed group do to help give silence her due?
> Put as much effort into the end of each note as into it's beginning.

Well said.  Learning when NOT to play has been a long-term undertaking for me.

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