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Re: Creating Space

Interesting thread:

I am not a big fan of the classic...

"reduce feedback level" and have things fade out, Id rather use that technique when morphing into something new.

But I love...
...undo. going back through the stages till you get to the start point, especially if your live instrument is being played full tilt over the top and NOT getting put into the loop, but what happens when you are stamping the undo pedal switch and nothing seems to happen anymore, a quick glance (at EDP) and "HORROR" you have run out of undo memory!, well then its then either T#1 or , my favorite, what I call...
...hard silence. I actually often do this after particularly unruly space jam kinda improvs, where the loop has just built and built and is just flatline distortion, whitenoise drone, etc. Then, I choose carefully an 8ths setting (Normally quite a big chunk), like a quarter (4) but sometimes an odd number like 5. and do a totally silent (as in dont play anything) QUANTISED SUS SUB.

This is EDP language for inserting a splice of silence. (Sus means sustain, because you get one only as long as you foot is down, its quantised beccause it will automatically extend to the length of the 8th setting , and Sub means substitute, as in totally rplace with... in this case... nothing, silence)

Its a harsh wake up call after 10 to 15 minutes of full on drone. and if you have a drummer it can be a cool moment for them because they are no doubt beating their little hearts out, but for the last 10 minutes not been heard because you are a noisy bugger.. suddenly there they are, and if they can lock with the gap, its an awesome moment.

But yeah, as has been mentioned a few times, best approach for intriducing space, is..


Stop the loop!