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Comparing 2 items of control.

As per usual, I would like advice on spending a limited amount of money.
I would like you guys to compare the following possible purchases and their Pros/Cons as I see them, in my personal situation:

Its between the Gordius Little Giant Footpedal
and an iPad operating thru the missing link and Touch OSC.

Now heres the things you need to know.

I will need a new footpedal soon, anyway.
 My FCB1010 has been on the way out for over 2 years, and now 2 pedals are a basically unusable. The rest however ARE FINE, and as long as I have foot necessary commands (RECORD INSERT MULTIPLY NXT LOOP) on my feet I dont mind too much.

So, the Gordius will obviously be a total REPLACEMENT for the FC1010.
Hows the mac software looking? (the one thing Ive been using as an excuse NOT to buy- I wont do a windows partition)
I know its possible to assign a string of commands, but how many?
Can I for example have 10 UNDOs (note ons) seperated by 200 ms (believe me... Ive read the F***** manual, not all things are obvious) If this is the case, can one seperate these commands by a beat (midi clock) related division, coming from the midi-IN jack??? (I know this was NOT the case a year or so ago, Im talking about updates to software here) AND therfore be able to control the item (an EDP) that is also sending the midi clock.
Im envisioning a possile midi loop situation here. Gordius controlling Record and insert on EDP, sending clock to Gordius which can also send out commands to EDP that are timed from the EDP's own clock. Im assuming here that EVERYTHING arriving at the Gordius midi IN socket can be stripped away (by Gordius, no intermediate box or expense) to allow ONLY midi clock, no pgms or notes getting in.

These are the possible cool features I'm looking to be able to do with Gordius, if its just a replacement footpedal that easier to program due to software, then.. Meh, Im not THAT interested, I can program the 1010 pretty damn quick by now (timed myself once... 7 seconds to change a CC ha ha)


This iPad/Missing link combo.
Exiting cos in a way I feel like it opens up loads of new possibilities for lots of old gear. Im envisioning continuing to do pedestrian commands on the FCB1010, but on a mikestand mounted iPad I have access at all times to some more odd (infact ALL) EDPs commands, instantly.

I currently have my 1010 sending 10 possible presets to the 2 EDPs. but really its only 5. The first 5 presets are assuming an internal clock, then I have the next 5 assuming an external clock, but they are identical apart from that. So the 1010 sends the same preset, to BOTH EDP's on pedal 1 and 5, 2 and 6, 3 and 7 etc. If I want different presets on each, I have to do it by either the front panel, or in RE-set using insert/mute.

So nicer control of 2 EDPs, than the messy preset method.
PLUS, I can program the Roland GR55 with it, someone has made a very cool looking patch editor template for TouchOSC for it...
PLUS, Im wondering about taking a new twist on the poor neglected Repeater. Imagining an iPad page that INSTANTLY puts various tracks in the repeater in varous states. I can have a grid of 4X24 for pitch shifting various tracks 4 tracks by 24 notes (octave up or down.) or have various nice chords worked out beforehand.
At the moment, Touch OSC seems to only be able to send 1 command at a time, but maybe if I hassle them enough, they might see it as a cool new addition. Im worried about continued support here though,as they seem to be concentrating on their new product an iPad VJ device. (maybe Hans from midssing link should do his OWN template designer, to allow for this. Ive looked at the alternative app Cntrol, but didnt really find it as attractive as Touch, might be more flexible tho, if I could get someone else to program for me)

So, considering MY needs on this thing, I wonder if some lucky bastard uses BOTH these approaches and can suggest 1 for me?

Or general philosophizing on control issues and How-Tos for flexibility are also welcome...

No doubt the other WILL come later, but I might have to sell some furniture... or some of my kids toys?


Mark Francombe
twitter @markfrancombe