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The role of the mailing list and the FB sites.

Happy Christmas everyone... guess you won't hear from me for a while I got a PS3!!

I have had a chance to check out the Facebook groups Loopers Delight and Live Looping over my few precious holidays. I am usually a staunch reader of this LD mailing list, and occasionally follow links to the FB site if I want to see someones video?

So, I am slightly confused. What exactly is the point of the 2 seperate groups here? I understand that one has grown from the LD list and one had grown from the Live Looping Forum and/or Mattias´s Live Looping.org site. And I understand the reason for these sites.

LiveLooping.org as Mattias´s own "take" on the community with a site that can actually be kept up to date. (The LD site is like a museum of html gone by)
And Nicks forum existing for the people that would rather post to a forum than have the huge amounts of mail that LD can generate...

but I ask.. (imagine "Sex in the City" question typing voice here)

"Are not the two Facebook sites just serving exactly the same purpose?"

I notice that everyone is routinely just posting to both, so what is the point really? I dont really care which survives but shouldn't we consolidate? Or agree to use one?


We could agree that one is for use as a discussion place on Facebook, a perfectly reasonable point as there are many new people in the comunity that ONLY arrived due to the FB sites I think, and the OTHER site be for posting songs and videos. Or is it better if they are just muddled up?


Do people like it as it is, in which case, fine, just please explain to me the difference?

Happy New Blah Blah Blah..


Mark Francombe
twitter @markfrancombe