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To my list brethren n sistren! , a little Christmas looping for y'all.

Happy Holidays to all of you, respect and joy for whatever you celebrate, and best wishes for the coming year.  

I've loved all the holiday looping over the past couple weeks, and herewith offer up my own.  

Here's a private soundcloud link to one of the tunes from my CD, Outerborough. It's called Icy Sleeves of Green - you can probably tell what Christmas tune it's around, lol, and I hope you enjoy it. 


If by chance you're interested, I'm reissuing my record on facebook, one track a week, with extensive liner notes and photos, videos, back story, you know the drill... Here's the first entry, 


and here's the vehicle I'm using to do it... It sure as hell ain't perfect, but there are some good things to it.  It's called BandPage... Check this page out for me?


All best to you all, I wish you joy, peace, happiness, all good things wherever you are.