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On 16 Dec 2011, at 12:15, Dennis Moser wrote:

> But I stand corrected on one count: the Alesis ioDock does not appear
> to do ANY conversion. While the 30-pin connector DOES carry a digital
> audio signal (that's what makes it possible to use an HDMI connection
> to have Hi-Def A/V) apparently the ioDock is using ONLY the analog
> audio signal. Still haven't' found a definitive answer/source for
> that, but that's the conclusion I'm getting to on what I'm finding.

hm... yes, most iPad audio adapters even work on the 3,5mm mic input
strange that I could not find any adapter that goes with the 30pin
other than the alesis which is a bit pricy if its really just a mic preamp 
and a usb-midi interface
> I suppose that technically you could grab the digital signal off the
> right pins if you knew how to design the hardware & software to do
> it…that's a bit beyond me, tho'!

well, since the USB and firewire wires are on the 30pin, any standard 
audio interface could be adaptable