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Thanks for comments Per et al.
Hehe, no, I wasn't exactly thinking of the iPad as a DSP add-on.. ;)

I'm aware of the useless audio, and would use some outboard shizzle, like the Alesis dock - which may just end up rendering the whole shebang too expensive.
Oh.. and the size of such a dock could also render the project useless.

Anyways, before even starting to consider the financial parts, I'd need to know if the iPad can actually cope with handling looping.
You can pretty much tell I do not have an iPad yet ;)

I'd also need to know if such a (iPad+loopapp+dock) package can be controlled via MIDI, as I'd want to use my Groundcontrol floorboard for this.

I'm less worried about latency. As I see it, looping is a matter of snooping the direct audio, loop it, and add/sum the loop onto the direct stream. Not sure what the latency would be, but say 10 ms both in and out shouldn't be too annoying.
I would happily build a Y-splitter and summing point, if needed.


Per Boysen wrote:
You wouldn't chose the iPad for gaining processing power, so it might
as well be as good to focus on using it as a controller? Just the
other day the Lemur iPad app was released and according to what early
adopters say on the web this app now rules for touch screen control on
a budget (referring to original Lemur price tag). I have not tried
much of this myself though, as I prefer controllers that you can play
without the need of gazing at them.

If you want to use iPad apps that also process audio the challenge is
to get good quality audio into and out of the iPad. The Alesis Dock is
a piece of gear that does target this issue.

Finally, if you want to play around with the built-in audio ports you
may have to stand crappy fidelity for live input real-time processing
or to chose not to work in real-time. There are apps that can render
high quality audio files that can be exported, but to me that feels
like going back to 1995 when we first did that on ReBirth (not a very
intuitive work-flow as you need to plan ahead well)

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen

On Wed, Dec 14, 2011 at 4:28 PM, van Sinn <vansinn@post.cybercity.dk> 

Rick Walker wrote:

I've been lent an iPad2 to use for a while.
It's a new world for me and I'm really enjoying learning
what's out there.

So far,  I have added   FL Studio Mobile HD, the Kaossilator Pro,  the
amazing SampleWiz and MorphWiz,
the Filtatron Moog synth app and the Animoog app.

I was wondering what other apps people have discovered that
they can highly recommend for apps to augment one's
live looping performances, specifically.

Thanks, in advance for your expertise and recommendations.

yours,   Rick Walker

This begs a question: How much processing (and as such which ipad version),
needed for (mostly) looping?

I can't see looping requireing that much processing power - of course 
really mangling the tone, which I won't be doing.

van Sinn

van Sinn