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Re: WHY - multiply?

Im with you there Per, and in a way the 2 (or is it 3 ) approaches to using multiply kinda stand for the different approaches in Live Looping.
I very rarely use the type of Multiply where on Mobius or Repeater you just select 2X or 4X looping (on EDP the multi-increase method works almost the same, I never have the problems Per outlined earlier, when I want "instant mult" I just double click the mult pedal).

..no I almost always prefer the typ of multiply that EDP os more know for,(also available on Mobius)  which just multiply as you play, and then when you hit the second time it closes. IN FACT. I NEVER use Over dub, prefering to do a multiply EVERY TIME; somtimes I end up only repeating the same length, (an overdub). but if I feel like going on longer I can!
The fluidity of playing that this allows really encourages the feeling that the looper really is part of the instrument, as oppsed to being a kind of recording process, like a "drop-in".. "Gotta get my part done before the PUT POINT."

The Jazz greats you mention Per, mean nothing to me, but I hear the same in my heros, of the long form improv of the 70s Germans, Can being my faves...

Lets hear it for Multiply! The root of the loop!


A personal take:
I just love the open feeling of playing free improvisation with live
looping techniques and I think that this future-wide-open attitude
rubs off emotionally on the audience in a positive way. Can't explain
how it works, but I really have a strong feeling of that happening. I
get the same feeling when listening to recordings of the sixties'
"spiritual free jazz" artists (Sanders, Coltrane, Dolphy and more).
It's "something collective" that "opens up" and it doesn't happen if
arrangements are too rigid or clips can't be mangled on-the-fly. The
Gospel of Looping? LOL ;-)

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen

Mark Francombe
twitter @markfrancombe