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Re: LP2 Random Retrigger - Quarter/Quadruple Speed

Rick Walker wrote:

everytime you retrigger it goes to a random place in the loop. I put this in with the idea of relooping or resampling, so as to give someone the ability to play the retrigger pedal as an ostinato rhythm with the foot............an indulgent feature but some cool things
can come from it.

I couldn't hear the effect *exactly* as described here in the demo.
Is it more accurately "jump to Random position and keep re-triggering to 
it  while button
is held down"?

There's certainly some stuff in there which sounds like EDP stutter mode.
I'm hearing iterated rapid repeats.

Here they are demonstrated.


Would be nice to have a demo that wasn't a layered up studio track,
that would make it easier to to grasp what's going on with the new 

Isn't there a nice demo of 1/2 1/4 speed on you tube somewhere that
really shows how that can be used.