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Re: eowave foot control

2011/12/8, Per Boysen <perboysen@gmail.com>:
> Just a quick note, since you was asking about "latency".
> In external control (over MIDI or OSC) latency is only an issue if
> controlling non quantized processing. Most of the processing in live
> looping are quantized so it shouldn't be an issue.

thanks for the tip. i was asking because oh that, since i'm a big fan
of unquantized 'record/stop' from my EDP days :)

> I recall that Andy Butler does some non quantized controlling of his
> EDPs and has also measured MIDI latency for the FCB1010, the Gordious
> and maybe other that I don't recall right now.

fcb1010 is ok from experience. i use it all the times, and if eowave
is usb should be faster, i guess. i've been tempted to get the smaller
gordius, but don't have enough cash. :(

regarding expression pedals, i've considered other options to the
roland/boss ev-5. m-audio's costs half the rolands. anybody knows of
cheap but reliable expression pedals as an alternative to these?


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