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Re: eowave foot control

Per Boysen wrote:
Just a quick note, since you was asking about "latency".

In external control (over MIDI or OSC) latency is only an issue if
controlling non quantized processing. Most of the processing in live
looping are quantized so it shouldn't be an issue.

I recall that Andy Butler does some non quantized controlling of his

Usually recording a loop is non-quantized ;-)

I wouldn't say that most processing is quantised,
if anything the opposite, but indeed there are ways to reduce latency problems and quantise is one of them.

and has also measured MIDI latency for the FCB1010, the Gordious
and maybe other that I don't recall right now.

Yes, if the manufacturer does not test for latency it can
easily creep up to be too much for live looping.

I worked out a simple way to test relative latency very accurately and would make that method available to any manufacturer
who was interested. (one taker so far)