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Re: airFX level mismatch.

RP Collier wrote:

I can't even follow the simple math on electrical stuff. All I know is that, having several of these line or phono input devices, many react as if +4dbu is too much signal even though it is actually less signal than -10db.

+4dB is actually quite a lot more than -10dB.
( or is that just a typo?)

Anyway, best way to 'get it' is to have a play
with one of those mixer faders that have
the dB scale marked. (at least in terms of
'how much louder is 3 more dB').

And then there are those devices that react as if it is not enough signal, such as the Kaoss Pad which seem to attenuate the audio.

Not even the courtesy of consistency.

here I fully agree with you, manufacturers often
don't understand the spec.
one example, the Zoom H2 clips at spot on -10dB.
("nominal" means that there should be several dB
headroom above the spec)

When it comes down to it, you can't beat "turning it up till it just distorts, then
turning it down till it's clean".

...which is what we all do regardless of the math