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Re: airFX level mismatch.

RP Collier wrote:

On Dec 1, 2011, at 11:33 AM, andy butler wrote:

In any case "line Level" hasn't meant -10dB since they did away
with using 5 pin din connectors (in the mid 70's ?).

 From Wiki

The most common nominal level for consumer audio equipment is −10 dBV, and the most common nominal level for professional equipment is 4 dBu.

however, if you check the level actually put out by, say, any cd player
it's quite a bit louder than -10dB

That's why, for instance, my M-Audio Sound Interface has 3 input/output 
-10dB,  Consumer, +4dB
..with consumer being the kind of level that usually goes down phonos.

The -10dB really was a standard (nominal level) when we had those 5 pin dins....remember them? I do. ..and then phonos were introduced...and they really did carry a higher level.

I even had a with both 5 pin din (-10dB) sockets and the newer
phono inputs, and the phonos were less sensitive.

So I can guarantee you that I'm not bullshitting you...
...I actually *measure* this stuff.

Maybe there's a kind of volume wars going on for cd players,
trying to sound impressive, but the concept of "nominal" has
at least been stretched by consumer gear.


In most cases changing the volume setting on the source equipment does not vary the strength of the line out signal.

"Volume Out" on the EDP does exactly that.