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Re: Re: Boss PS-6 as a tool for looped bass.

I am so going to get a Chili Dog!  Thank!

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On Nov 27, 2011 5:22 PM, "Rick Walker" <looppool@cruzio.com> wrote:
For what it's worth, I've tried every small stomp box solution on the market for down octaving
(and with every conceivable kind of instrument, from acoustic/electric strings to kalimbas to percussion, et. al.)
and I have to say that the pedal with the best response and most natural
sound that I've encountered is, ironically and happily,  the cheapest one on the market.

It's called the Danelectro Chili Dog.

It's set up exactly like the Boss Octaver but tracks far better and sounds more natural
(less artifacts).

You have separate volume control of initial sound (dry), one octave down and two octaves down.

Anecdotally,  when the famous Norwegian bassist, Arild Andersen came to headline the looping
festival a few years back,  he requested that I provide him with a Boss OC-2 for his performance.

I owned one at the time and sent it over to his hotel room along with the Chili Dog to also try out.
After using the Chili Dog he made me sell him mine..............lol.

that's a pretty ringing endorsement (especially from someone playing an electric upright).

The good news:    only $35 or $40  USD with the same footprint as a Boss pedal.

I do also really like the PS-6, especially because of it's versatility, but the bass sound is not
as good as the Chili Dog, imho.

Rick Walker

On 7/22/64 11:59 AM, Boris Plotnikov wrote:
Thanks for response. I'm familiar with MicroPOG and I like it, but I
dislike it's size (yes it's micro, but still bigger than regular boss
pedal, I have no enough room in my pedalboard) and I like extra
features of PS-6 (detune, s-bend) which MicroPOG lacks while it have
the same features (octave lower, octave higher and both together), the
only differences that in microPOG it's possible to change level of
each tone (dry, oct down, oct up) while it's impossible with PS-6.

2011/11/27 andy butler<akbutler@tiscali.co.uk>:
>  Boris Plotnikov wrote:
>>    I also thought about MicroPOG but it's a bit bigger in size and have
>>  no more features except octaves.
>  The MicroPog lower octave tracks very fast.
>  ...but has it's own sound you may not like.
>  (the high octave is delayed a bit...and out of tune).
>  The electro harmonix Octave Multiplexer only does
>  octave down, and won't work with chords,
>  but it has by far the best sound for bass lines.
>  andy