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RE: Austin, TX loopers

I can second Rick's comments on this. James toured Japan with Bernhard Wagner and myself a few years ago - Some of his stuff is exceptionally good imo.
Bobdog is also a very talented guy and a talented producer. 
Willie Oterie and Dave Laczko are another very interesting looping team I believe they live in Austin. I had a very cool jam with them in Florence, Italy this year. Dave's tone is exceptionally finely honed and Willie is just - well - out there!



> Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2011 03:48:45 -0800
> From: looppool@cruzio.com
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> Subject: Re: Austin, TX loopers
> On 7/22/64 11:59 AM, Darren Michaels wrote:
> > Are there any Austin, TX area loopers on this list? I'll be traveling
> > through at the end of January and have a show opportunity where I'd
> > like to split the bill with someone.
> > Thanks!
> > Darren Michaels
> > http://darrenmichaelsbass.com
> > http://darrenmichaels.bandcamp.com/
> Hey Darren,
> I don't know of Austin loopers per se, but I do know that two very talented
> live loopers live in San Antonio, Texas.
> James Sidlo has played the Y2k loopfestival a few times (and also in
> Zurich at the 1st
> European Live Looping Festival that Bernhard Wagner put on).
> He's a really good songwriter (check out his project Honey Barbara)
> and multi-instrumentalist.
> A guy who goes by the moniker, Bobdog also lives there the last I heard.
> He was with early incarnations of the Pigface (playing bass guitar, I
> believe), the
> industrial 'super group'. He plays electric Sarod and is a
> fascinating musician
> with a lot of touring experience.
> I've seen them both play and they are really interesting and unusual,
> excellent musicians.
> They are both, incidentally, very good improvisers.
> good luck,
> yours, Rick Walker