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Re: Live Looping without "organic" instruments.. is it live looping, "MUSIC" inside (regarding a recent debate)

Am 16.11.11 20:55, schrieb Anders Bergdahl:
is it "live looping" it's four samples on a step sequencer sampler
played live, some times i "live" trigger the samples sometimes I use the
sequences. Also - this machine (Elktron Octatrack) allows you to
"record" live triggering of samples and the effect and changes in
playback speed, re-triggering, pitch, length of samples etc that you
perform "live"...

In live looping, there are usually two parts, one is creating sound, the other is looping it. If you use prerecorded samples which are played (looped or not doesn't matter in this case), that is part of the sound creation comparable to a traditional instrument like a guitar.

If you loop your sounds or your control signals doesn't matter, as long you control the looping process live, its live looping... But live sequencing sounds appropriate as well, as it is in fact the more complex variant of looping. The most simple loop is a constant beat trigger of the same event for example a sample or a live recorded sample. If I vary the rhythm and pitch in a sequence, I get a more complex sort of looping...
Live sequencing does belong on this list as well...

my 2 cents

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