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Re: Live Looping without "organic" instruments.. is it live looping,"MUSIC" inside (regarding a recent debate)


... and how would you call someone recording audio signal used to 
trigger sounds ;-)

Imagine the path( I never tested this but this can be possible with 
the gear I own):

Guitar > looper (audio) > sonuus G2M (audio to midi) > some 
synth(midi) > PA.
The same should be possible with "vintage" synths using CV. Has anyone
already tried to loop the CV signal? I mean in a audio looper. There 
might be some extra electronics needed.

This is "live audio loop sequencing"? ;-)


Matt Davignon <mattdavignon@gmail.com> wrote:
(16/11/2011 23:09)

> I would call that "Live Sequencing", which would be different but similar
> to live looping. The difference would be that in live looping, the "loop"
> is an actual audio signal, where in "live sequencing", the actual loop 
> is a
> set of trigger instructions.
> Similarly, programming a drum machine in real time would also be "live
> sequencing". (I do that occasionally in my band Tiny Owl.)
> Of course, you could then run audio output of the sequence into a looping
> device. In that case, it would be live looping.
> So here's the big question - how important is it for you to call it "live
> looping"? I think live sequencing can be just as interesting.
> It occurs to me we could get into a fine line of argument here. When you
> write audio into a digital loop, you are literally saving a set of
> instructions for rebuilding the audio signal. So where live sequencing
> would say, "At this moment, activate this sound with these parameters",
> live looping would say, "At this moment, the waveform should be at this
> voltage." To me, they are different because they present different sets 
> of
> possibilities of how you interact with the loop. To most listeners, the
> difference is probably much more subtle than that of playing guitar with 
> a
> pick vs with your fingers.
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> On Wed, Nov 16, 2011 at 11:55 AM, Anders Bergdahl <
> anders_e_bergdahl@hotmail.com> wrote:
> >  SO, i have now tried to do live looping with only canned samples. This
> > piece of music (and noise):
> > http://soundcloud.com/anders-bergdahl/canned-sonic-evolution
> >
> > is it "live looping" it's four samples on a step sequencer sampler 
> > played
> > live, some times i "live" trigger the samples sometimes I use the
> > sequences. Also - this machine (Elktron Octatrack) allows you to 
> > "record"
> > live triggering of samples and the effect and changes in playback
> > speed, re-triggering, pitch, length of samples etc that you perform
> > "live"...
> > Why do I think this is live looping, well... every run through the
> > sequencer is a loop, I can record live all that is captured in the
> > sequence. I try, as I do with ordinary looping, to tweak all the time 
> > so
> > that there is development and there is NO way I could ever do this 
> > exact
> > recording again. I could stat with the same sounds again but something 
> > else
> > would be the result..
> > (and I use the delay on the octatrack to loop as well... =)
> >
> > So do YOU consider this a a form of Live Looping.. Enjoy the 
> > discussion..
> >
> > Anders
> >