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RE: Live Looping without "organic" instruments.. is it live looping, "MUSIC" inside (regarding a recent debate)

Hmm interesting Matt, some thoughts.. i imagined that the issue would be "live" since i do not play an instrument.. BUT if you listen to Jan Bang live with Jon Hassel for example he is triggering and manipulating samples live. 
MAtt said: "I would call that "Live Sequencing", which would be different but similar to live looping. The difference would be that in live looping, the "loop" is an actual audio signal, where in "live sequencing", the actual loop is a set of trigger instructions. "
 BUT there are not always a set of trigger instructions, some times i manipulate the lenght of the sample as it plays, and the playback speed, pitch, envelope, effects (i can also recordthese manipulations live and the it would not really be "programming")
And in this example i run the "vocal" track into a delay with 100% feedback and rather long feedback.. viola LOOPING :-) or... 

My main point is that playing a sampler is not very different from playing an synth, and keeping a sequence interesting is very much like developing the loop with inserts, overdubs and so forth. But with the sequencer/sampler it could be adjusting pitch a a sequencer step OR doing it for all steps while it plays..
And no i have no need to call what I do anything, most times i play guitar into the sampler where i sometimes just loop it while adding new tracks which could also loop, and resample and loop that. OR I could slice a loop and trigger slices at sequencer steps... now that is pretty much LOOPING, or... :-)

Maybe what i'm trying to say is that the work process, the creative process using a live sampler and a looper is very simular SO it believe it something that Live Loopers ought to be interested in. I can't say that my example would be more looping if i used the EDP to re sample the output of the sampler.. since i can resample with the sampler.. and if you would do cool EDP inserts would that differ from slicing, mixing and resample to alreade sampled loops/samples??
The difference is basically that loopers sample in a manner similar to tape loops while a sampler usually don't try to mimic and old manipulated tape recorder (well Teenage engineering OP-1 is trying to mimic a tape recorder :-)

On Wed, Nov 16, 2011 at 11:55 AM, Anders Bergdahl <anders_e_bergdahl@hotmail.com> wrote:
SO, i have now tried to do live looping with only canned samples. This piece of music (and noise):